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Dr. Wentz: USANA's Founder
How Do I Start My Online Store?

In most cases, starting your own business requires getting a loan, finding space to rent, inventory and a host of other expenses. With a USANA Business, the startup cost actually includes products and other perks; the tax benefits alone make this a worthwhile opportunity. You buy a minimum amount of products each month, for yourself or others, and you share your love of the products. That's it. No requirement to keep inventory, all products to customers ship directly from USANA. No education required, just a passion to help people, drive and the willingness to learn! Contact me if you're ready or if you have questions.

Retail Sales. Weekly Commissions. Lifetime Matching Bonus. Incentives. Leadership Bonus. Elite Bonus. Discover the amazing opportunities of opening your own online store by joining forces with a world class company like USANA. Tax benefits (that new laptop you need, education, internet connection, phone) Can you do that with your traditional job? You can do this business your own way. Be creative and have a lot of fun doing it!

Usually starting your own business is not easy and you may struggle to find the support you need. Not with USANA! The support offered by USANA to its associates is unparalleled. Whatever you need to help you with your business, the people and resources are there. You would be joining Team Northrup, led by Dr. Christiane Northrup. We teach you how to follow your intuition, and connect with the people who are looking for what we're serving up. Did I mention over 700+ elite athletes take these products too? The best take the best!

Make Money 6 Ways
Be Part of An Amazing Team

I do what I love. This helps make it possible.

Ever thought of starting your own business? Ever dreamed of a better job? Ever wanted more freedom?

Ever wanted to be healthier? It's all waiting for you if it feels right.

Our motto? Everything We Do Helps You Love Life and Live ItDr. Wentz centered his life around a dream of a world free from pain and suffering. A world free from disease. And he founded USANA to help further his dream by providing people all over the world with the most advanced supplements science can produce. Try the USANA products and you'll feel the difference.

Watch his story here 

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