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Soaked Oat Bran

About a year ago, my regular breakfast was steel cut oats. They were delicious, and I added all sorts of goodies to make it a top notch start to my day. The downside was the time I was having to spend every morning to cook it. Honestly the 20 minutes I was having to spend I would rather be spending in bed. Right?

Having my diploma in nutrition doesn't satisfy my appetite to always learn more to be able to help my clients the best that I can no matter what their health concerns. So I became a Healthy Gut Advisor, and learned so much about gut health it was amazing! A whole new toolkit of knowledge to be able to pinpoint root causes and really heal our bodies.

As a result, I started to learn more about the health benefits of soaking, fermenting, pre and probiotics and more. I wanted to experiment, and when I heard about oat bran and learned you don't have to cook it (but you can), I was VERY interested. Gluten free and delicious, it's a great choice! No cooking meant time saving, and I was totally into that.

So I now share with you my perfected Soaked Oat Bran recipe.


I like to make mine in a large glass container as I make 5 day's worth. You can also use smaller jars and make each portion individually for grab and go. The portions below are one serving so if you make 5 servings, just multiply by 5.

1/2 cup homemade or quality milk of your choice (almond/rice/hemp/cashew/coconut)

1 tbsp organic cold milled flaxseed

1 tsp cinnamon and/or ground ginger

1 tsp chia seeds

1/3 cup raw oat bran (you can also use cooked quinoa or other grain here...just sayin')

¼ cup mixed nuts of your choice (pre soaked and rinsed preferably)


1 tbsp yogurt/kefir/kombucha (use at least one to get the fermentation benefits)

1 tsp OptOmega or vegetarian Omega-3 oil

1 tbsp nut butter of your choice

1 tbsp almond/nut meal (see my almond milk recipe if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

1 tsp psyllium husk (for extra fiber)

Whisk all of the ingredients in a glass container or jar and put it in the fridge allowing it to soak at minimum overnight. The following day, take 1 cup serving of your mix and add 1 serving of cut up fruit; my favourite is apple (love that crunch) but use your favourites! Buy what’s in season, use frozen organic fruit and mix it up often. Add some extra “milk” as it will have thickened too.

Make 3-5 servings in advance for maximum time saving!

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