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"I never would have thought that I wouldn’t be drinking pop with my meals and chocolate bars for snacks, let alone not eating  fast food multiple times a week. But since I did my first RESET over a year and a half ago, and I began listening to Caroline’s advice, this has become my reality. Investing in my heath through vitamins and organic food culture has resulted in me losing over 100 pounds, that I've kept off. Able to do and be so much more. Life is good."  - Peter Vanderlee, REALTOR®,  Boss Plan client

“Caroline is amazing. She puts in the work to understand each clients needs in order to give them the best possible plan for success in health and nutrition. Her enthusiasm and passion about health and overall well being are obvious from the first

time you meet her. She will change your life and your relationship with food.” -  Adriana, Administrative Assistant, Boss Plan client


“Caroline has a passion for fitness and health that rivals most others. Her training and teaching style is very challenging yet also fun. She does an amazing job at combining cardio and muscle training for a total body workout; she is always very creative in her classes. She is able to adapt her training to all fitness levels very easily. I believe for a trainer it's important to be practicing the lifestyle you are promoting to your clients. Caroline is a picture of healthy choices she practices what she recommends. She supports the local farmers market and eats a clean diet, always. She is positive, happy and a leader, always ready to support anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. If you're looking for someone to inspire, support and challenge your health goals Caroline won't disappoint." - Chelsa Meadus, Business Person and Mom of 3, Fitness and Yoga Client


"OMG, What have you done to me? I’m eating all this healthy food and my normal coffee now tastes bitter. What’s going on? ALL FOR THE GOOD. LOL. I really don’t know what I was afraid when I didn’t try this healthy food in the past, but I’m honestly opening my eyes and trying some new stuff and enjoying it. " - Murray, Boss Plan Client



Other cool peeps.

When you find good people you know it. I surround myself with people who are experts in their field and have a unique message to share with the world. They inspire me and I'd like to share that feeling with you!

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